Can we build our own coffin?
Sorry, we build owing to OSH regulations.

Can we paint our own?

Transport our own?
Yes, but for a small fee we can deliver in Rotorua.

Transport to other towns?
We can send by carrier but freight is on owner.

Do you do finished lining?
Yes we do.

Can we have coffin spray painted?
Yes, but extra costs are on owner.

What are coffins constructed of?
MDF glued and screwed.

How long to build a coffin?
One person 10 hours completed, but many people are involved.

Who else makes coffins around NZ?
There are many groups like Menz Shed’s etc.

What is the difference between a coffin and a casket?
Really none but it is widely accepted that a casket is a rectangle one and a coffin is a standard style one